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Gas prices are high, Here's how you can lower your gas bill by up to 50c per gallon.

Gas prices are very high right now but there are ways you can save at your routine pump purchase and its quite simple. Follow the steps below and start saving up to 50c per gallon!

Download GetUpside and GasBuddy app onto your Android/IOS mobile phone. Continue reading to find additional savings when you use our promotional codes!



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What is GetUpside?

GetUpside is an app that you can earn cash back on your daily purchases including gas, groceries and restaurants. When you make transactions from GetUpside partners you will earn cash back up to 50% at restaurants, 30% on groceries and up to 25c per gallon on the

app which you can withdraw

to your PayPal, bank account

or in gift-cards.


How do I earn cashback with GetUpside?

It is very simple indeed! There are 2 ways to save. The process starts the same for both ways, browse the Getupside app and find the offer that you want to use, then claim offer. You will have four hours to claim offer after that. once you arrive check in on app.

- Receipts - For claiming offer by receipt you will need to just take a picture of receipt after completing fill up/purchase, you will see the savings in your balance in 1-3 business days

- Link Card - If you don't want to fool around with receipts this option will be better for you. On the GetUpside app you can enter your card information and link to GetUpside. Now after claiming offer when you arrive to check in you will just need to select the saved card you are going to use for purchase before you make the transaction. You will see the savings in your balance in 1-3 business days


Join GetUpside with bonus!

🎁Save an extra 15c per gallon on your first fill up and help support this blog.

Join GetUpside HERE or button below and enter code - NM2266 - during sign up.



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What is GasBuddy?

GasBuddy is another app for saving money at the pump and only focuses on gas. With GasBuddy you will be able to see all the gas prices in your area and find the best price including coupons for up to 25C per gallon off! Win free gas by earning points by sharing gas prices to the app and using those points for the daily drawing of a $100 gas card.

- Additionally

Shop though the app at top retailer's and earn free gas!

How do I save cash with GasBuddy?


Does not take any time at all to save up to 25c per gallon at the pump! There is 2 different ways you can save cash with the GasBuddy App. The process starts the same for both. Click Find

Gas on the GasBuddy app and this will bring up a list of all the gas prices in your area as well as any coupons, including up to 25c a gallon off! select the coupon/ gas station you are going to save cashola at! You have 4 hours to complete the transaction before coupon expires.

- Receipt method - After claiming your coupon and filling up your tank save the receipt as you will need it to save cash. Go to the GasBuddy App And upload your receipt. You will see your savings in 1-10 business days

- GasBuddy Card - You can sign up to receive a GasBuddy Card that you will use at the pump, this way you will earn a minimum of an additional 2c gallon off at

any station and will not need to go though the hassle of

uploading receipt. Just select the coupon like normal and

use your Gasbuddy card at pump at that's it! instant savings!

Join GasBuddy with bonus!

🎁Save an extra 25c per gallon on your first fill up and help support this blog.

Join GasBuddy HERE and enter code - EK6ZRJH - during sign up.


Connecting GetUpside and GasBuddy

Can I use GetUpside and GasBuddy at the same time for double savings?

Gas buddy, gasbuddy, Getupside, get upside, save money on gas, cash back on gas,

YES! Using both apps at every fill up will save you the most! Each can save you up to 25c per gallon, combine them and earn up to 50c per gallon every time your at the pump!

Learn how to use them together at the pump for maximum savings!

There are 2 ways you can use both apps for maximum savings.

-Receipts - If you want to save more but don't want to use the GasBuddy Card or a linked card on either apps you can simply follow the steps above for receipts on both GetUpside and GasBuddy to double your savings.

Gasbuddy card

- Link GasBuddy Card to GetUpside -

Yes you can link your gas buddy card to GetUpside app! When you go to Link your GasBuddy Card it will ask for your first 6 and last 4 digits. You will notice if you enter these onto GetUpside it will not work. You will need to follow the picture to the left as a reference as to what 4 numbers they will need and the first 6 as well.

(GasBuddy Card)


Join and Download Apps

When you combine both apps you can save up to 50c per gallon and when you join using our links and codes at the same time you will earn an additional 40c off per gallon on your first fill up for a total of 90 cents off per gallon! View Codes and links below to start!

Join GetUpside, Use Code - NM2266 - for bonus

Join GasBuddy, Use Code - EK6ZRJH - for bonus

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